Hexa-copter on a modified 250mm quad copter frame. Has everything, STM32F4 flight controller, 32 kHz gyro sampling with a ICM-20602 IMU, integrated Barometer, Blackbox SD card, UBLOX M8N GLONASS GPS, Magnetometer, Current sensor, voltage sensor, RSSI, digital RX/TX with telemetry, Return to home, GPS Hold, Unlimited GPS Waypoint, Altitude Hold, 6 RS 2205 2600kV Emax motors and 6 BL-HelI-S 30 Amp opto ESC, 500mW VTX with raceband, 1000TVL cmos camera, and Betaflight OSD. Took 10 hours to assemble and 5 to program. Max speed about 75 mph. Fitting it all neatly as possible in the frame was challenging, top half, which has reciever, gps, FC and camera is isolated from bottom half which has the ESC's and the PDB, main connection from PDB is a ribbon cable which bridges the 2 components. All in all without Battery this thing weighs about 520g hoping with a 3s 11.1v 6000mAh lipo to get about 10-18 minutes of mixed flytime and 3 minutes of full throttle.

RPI B+ rover with opencv. object tracking and avoidance + ps3 remote control over bluetooth.

Domoticz/Mysensors devices: Energy meter with burden resistor and split core transformer, rfid tag reader and relay/lock circuit